About FUTO Circles

About FUTO

FUTO is a new kind of tech company, dedicated to giving users control over their technology. Learn more at futo.org.

About Circles

Circles is a secure social network app. It has the familiar look and feel of a social network like Facebook, MySpace, Google+, etc. But behind the scenes, it works like an encrypted messenger app, encrypting every post to keep its users safe from creeps, data miners, and censors.

Circles was originally designed primarily for parents of small children, who often want to share lots of photos of their little ones. At the same time, parents are also highly sensitive to the risks of over-sharing online.

The basic technology that young parents can use to protect their kids is the same tech that everyone else should use to protect themselves and their loved ones. Circles is for everyone and for every type of family.

Open Source

Circles is built on Matrix, an open source standard for secure messaging. The source code for the Circles apps are open source as well. You can check out the code from the FUTO Gitlab or from our Github mirrors for iOS and Android.